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India - the land of spices and herbs, has also been home to one of the finest cuisines in the world for centuries. While the royals and aristocrats from different regions of the country patronized and encouraged master chefs to create a wide array of delicacies, traditional cooking practices from various parts of the country have also been contributing to rich Indian gourmet traditions to create food that not only satisfies your gastronomic desires, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Today Indian cuisine is respected and sought after around the world.

The same age old traditions of fine cooking have been passed from generations to generations and the innovations of talented chefs have created many unique dishes. Northern India is famous for several varieties of food and the North Indians are known to be food lovers. The secret of the finest Indian food lies in the right combination of spices and herbs added to fresh ingredients in the perfect proportion. The food must be cooked in the ideal conditions for the right period of time by chefs. Vegetarian food has been the hallmark of this region and there are several unique signature delicacies that any food lover must indulge in.

We, at Spice of India, bring the rich traditions of authentic North Indian food to the UAE. We bring the same goodness, flavors and aroma of North Indian Vegetarian Food created by our exceptionally talented chefs handpicked from India. We firmly believe that Taste and Health can and should co-exist and this is the central theme of all our food creations. In every aspect of our restaurant we aspire to have the highest standards so that you, our loving customer, gets the best dining experience.